The Next Explosive Bottoming Formation: Steel

Back in December we successfully identified and swing traded the bottoming formation in gold miners, followed by energy/oil/gas in early January.  Often when one or two sectors show this formation, other related sectors will follow.Steel is showing signs that it is the next bottoming formation candidate.  This sector does not have an ETF to trade, so... Continue Reading →

Earnings Breakout: NFLX

Netflix broke out yesterday on strong earnings. This is a breakout-pullback candidate. Strong volume on the breakout over a bullish flag pattern. I am now waiting for a low volume orderly pullback.

Earnings Breakout: BOBE

BOBE broke out today over long term resistance levels in a reaction to a postivie earnings announcement today. It is also worth noting that this stock has a high short interest ratio.This is a good example of an earnings breakout candidate.

Trade: CYBS

I bought CYBS four days ago, after the stock had pulled back from the breakout point and stochastics crossed over from oversold territory. Since I did not post it here I won't include it in my performance stats, assuming I ever get around to updating them (you can click on the trade label after trade... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: TRLG

I bought 300 shares of TRLG at $22.41.Setup: Earnings-Breakout-Pullback. This specialty retailer broke out on massive volume two days ago as a result of strong earnings. I bought today on the pullback, about a point away from the bottom of the breakout candle.Risk: I plan to hold this stock into new highs, possibly taking partial... Continue Reading →

Trade Portfolio Charts: GTLS and DZZ

GTLS is an earnings breakout play that has shown accumultion as it consolidates the breakout move. A key day was early last weak when it confirmed the hammer the stock printed at the breakout point. The RSI and OBV trends are positive and the volume pattern has favored up days. My target is the recent... Continue Reading →

GTLS Entry and a Speculative Play

I entered GTLS today, 400 shares at an average price of $34.22. This is one of my favorite setups, the earnings breakout-pullback. Take a look at the awesome volume pattern. My stop is just below the breakout bar, with an initial target at $38. I wish I had time to highlight the rest of my... Continue Reading →

Trade Update: SPY, ICLR, DECK

I bought 200 shares of SSO at $65.84. For those that didn't read last night's post, this trade is based on the oversold stochastic strategy. Not sure if I am in too early, as the read line is still above 20. However, the black line, which I focus on, is at 14. I used SSO... Continue Reading →

First Mistake of the New Year

Well my friends, it didn't take me long to make a boneheaded move, on the very first day trading day of the new year. I went long MON. It looks great. A sector I love, and have made some mad coin playing (agriculture). Nice pullback to support. Nice volume pattern showing accumulation. Entry not too... Continue Reading →

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