Stock chart of the day: GPRO

Swing traders should always track open gaps when looking for good entry levels for a momentum stock.  The old adage that all gaps eventually get filled may not be 100 percent accurate, but it does give the swing trader an edge.GPRO has been on fire of late.  On Monday I noted to Trade Report member... Continue Reading →

A Monsanto Topping Pattern?

I went short 100 shares of MON at $120.76. Rather than analyze the trade setup as I have been doing, I'd like to take a look at MON's weekly chart. It's starting to look like a top might be forming.Take a look at the price action. For the fist time in two years, the trend... Continue Reading →

How Can You Not Bet Against Gold?

I am hearing a lot of bullish chatter amongst bloggers and media about the near future for gold. This seems to always happen when a former leader (momo stock) breaks down and prints a dead cat bounce. I love it when this happens.Let's ignore the talking heads and take a look at the chart. First,... Continue Reading →

Trade Portfolio Charts: GTLS and DZZ

GTLS is an earnings breakout play that has shown accumultion as it consolidates the breakout move. A key day was early last weak when it confirmed the hammer the stock printed at the breakout point. The RSI and OBV trends are positive and the volume pattern has favored up days. My target is the recent... Continue Reading →

The Bidu Trade: Luck or Skill?

KR asked the following question about my BIDU trade:"BIDU was based on luck or trading secret? Other than oversold indication at Stochastic, I did not see any reason to jump in before seeing some more weakness. What was the reason to jump in Y'day for you?"Since I started this blog and documenting trades, I can't... Continue Reading →

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