Trading Portfolio Update

I exited 300 shares of DZZ at $28.90 (entry at $25.85) for a $915 gain (+11.8%). Hold time 5 days.I exited 300 shares of NKE at $69.75 (entry at $65.90) for a $1155 gain (+5.8%). Hold time 5 days.Both exits were the result of hitting targets. I setup a trailing stop on DZZ last night... Continue Reading →

Trade Portfolio Charts: GTLS and DZZ

GTLS is an earnings breakout play that has shown accumultion as it consolidates the breakout move. A key day was early last weak when it confirmed the hammer the stock printed at the breakout point. The RSI and OBV trends are positive and the volume pattern has favored up days. My target is the recent... Continue Reading →

Trading Portfolio Update: DUG, DZZ, GTLS and NKE

The first four positions of the trading portfolio were made on Thursday and Friday:300 shares DZZ at $25.85. 300 shares of DUG at $38.13.300 shares of GTLS at $33.96300 shres of NKE at $65.90DUG and DZZ are short bets on Gold and Oil Services. Later today I will post detailed analysis of these entries.

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