A Monsanto Topping Pattern?

I went short 100 shares of MON at $120.76. Rather than analyze the trade setup as I have been doing, I’d like to take a look at MON’s weekly chart. It’s starting to look like a top might be forming.

Take a look at the price action. For the fist time in two years, the trend is stalling and we are starting to see a volatile, 30 point range forming. This by itself is not a sure fire bearish signal.

However, when we add volume, a bearish “tell” forms. Volume during this range has been decidedly bearish–lots of tall red vs short grey bars. RSI is also divergent during this range. The recent high was not confirmed by a high in RSI, which is not a bullish sign.

My current trade was not based off the weekly chart, and I am using a tight stop. If I do go short in my longer term position trade account (which I do not detail here), I would place a stop at the recent high around $132, with an initial target at the bottom of the range around $90. A second target would be at $70, the last area of consolidation.


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