Trade: CYBS

I bought CYBS four days ago, after the stock had pulled back from the breakout point and stochastics crossed over from oversold territory.

Since I did not post it here I won’t include it in my performance stats, assuming I ever get around to updating them (you can click on the trade label after trade related posts to view trades I have made).

The reason I did not post that trade is, as I discussed before, I’ve noticed that some of you are piggybacking my trades (some with much bigger position sizes than me). Since this stock usually trades at a lower volume level, I didn’t feel comfortable posting the trade. I do now since it’s not at an ideal entry point.

Note the upsurge in positive volume of late, along with the a fantastic breakout-pullback pattern.


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  1. I think its a great shame that you are worrying too much about some folk piggy-backing your moves. Thats their problem, not yours. It seems to bother you sufficiently for you to alter your trading sizes. In my book you need to re-focus on trading, not those that try to make money on the back of your work. It will affect your trading decisions if you think about them.I have only followed your blog for 2-3 months now and I have found it an invaluable source of education. I have read all of the archives and have learned so much from it. Please keep up the good work and let those that copy your trades suffer the inevitable consequences.


  2. Thanks for the comments and concerns Eochaidh. I’m glad you’ve found the blog helpful.I believe you misunderstood my post. There was no effect on my trading, only my *posting* of the trade.I don’t believe posting a trade a few days after I make it makes it any less educational.


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