Watchlist and Trade

Here are the stocks that made my weekly watchlist:

drys hma x ewz lufk cybs aks bzp mtl csiq gnk rimm fls sol fslr crk (bo-htf) jrjc flr apa dvn vip

I bought CRK on today’s breakout, using a buy stop with a limit place just above the consolidation area.


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  1. I’m interested in your thoughts about breakouts. You don’t seem to wait until the end of the day to enter a breakout trade. Do you look at intraday and premarket volume to determine whether you should enter the trade intraday or wait till the close? If the stock closes right in the new support/old resistance area, would you exit or wait for a close *below* the support/resistance area?BTW- I am not in CRK, and I don’t copy your trades. Just so you know there are tons of us out there who learn from your blog, but have our own individual styles and don’t copy your trades 🙂


  2. I too am curious about that vinay. My query is about when playing a breakout, how do you decide when to sell out? Do you watch intraday for any weakness or do you just set a target? I have been looking at some myself recently but where there is no previous high, how does one judge when to sell out? Two examples which I had on my watchlist were ZOLT and AAP which broke out as I expected but I dont know how one would identify a target price.Like vinay, I find the blog a real educational tool. I dont see the point in copying your trades as it is not sustainable for a trader to just copy somebody! What happens if you were to stop tomorrow!


  3. I see SOL on your watchlist.. Would you recommend waiting until the stochastics get to an oversold condition (20 or under) before entering a stock that’s been on a tear like SOL? Thank you in advance,David Stodolak


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