My AAPL Stop

I’ve been asked by a few people what my thoughts are on my AAPL short. Of course, I wish I had covered when I had a 5 point gain. I entered short at $176.08 and it is currently at $179. My stop is set at $181.


6 thoughts on “My AAPL Stop

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  1. I agree i must admit you are brave to still stay short aapl after today, I am the same person who wrote aapl is going to 200+. Also aapl broke out today.


  2. Hi MS,i am new to your blog and new to investing in the market. i don’t know where to begin to learn from your blog. i remember some post ago you mention about *price & volume* action. is there anyway you can link to to those post. i hope to learn how to analyze price and volume to pick entry/exit points.thanks,jt


  3. If I where you I would have placed your stop at 178 becuase at 178 that was a breakout point.I am the same person who wrote aapl is going to 200+.


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