Today’s Trades: POT and GS

I bought 200 POT at $138.14. Nice cup and handle breakout. I would have liked to enter in the $135-136 range, but I don't want to chance missing out if the year end rally continues.I went short 100 shares of GS at $213.78. My stop is above the 50 day moving average, around $225. I... Continue Reading →

Earnings Breakout Chart: EDU

EDU broke out from a cup and handle formation and is currently digesting gains. Notice the positive volume trend, which signals that big players are accumulating the stock. I am looking for a breakout-pullback play, and will look to enter on a pullback to the $70-72 range.

How would you play AAPL

As most of you know (and if you don't, and you are a trader, you are slacking) Apple broke out to knew highs on significant volume after earnings. The question now is, how do we play this brekaout?The stock was over $100 in after hours when it reported Wednesday night, but failed to hold this... Continue Reading →

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