My Worst Poker Hand and a Trading Lesson

Last night I was sitting at a hold em table with a 10/20 blind and started with $3000. After about an hour, I was up to about $3600, without having played any big hands. Then I got the hand we all wait for, pocket aces in good position. The guy before me raised the pot... Continue Reading →

Questions and Answers

What books do you recommend?I have read over 100 books on trading and frankly, most have been a waste of time. A few that I have liked include The Market Wizards books by Jack Schwager, Entries and Exits by Alexander Elder, Thomas Bulkowski's chart pattern books, Alan Farley's trading setup book (if you can get... Continue Reading →

A Zen Master on Genuine Insight

Followers of the Way, do not be deceived by teachers who everywhere say “I know Zen, I understand the Way,” and who endlessly deliver discussions like mountain torrents. All this is action that produces hellish Karma. If one is a true learner of the Way, one does not search for the faults of the world,... Continue Reading →

Losing My Flow and Today’s Trades

I panicked. As I watched QID gap down this morning, I could feel myself losing my flow. All the Zen stuff I write about went out the window. As my highly developed flight reflex kicked in, Mister Self Awareness (that's me) was thinking like a four year old being chased by the boogie man. In... Continue Reading →

Zen, Pullbacks and Boom

It is as though you have an eyeThat sees all formsBut does not see itself.This is how your mind is.Its light penetrates everywhereAnd engulfs everything,So why does it not know itself?--Foyan ( in this quote tonight, along with my trades and tomorrow's watchlist.Note to those who read my watchlist this morning. The free fall in... Continue Reading →

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