100 Trading Quotes To Put Into Action And Change Your Life: The Series Begins

Everybody loves stock trading quotes.  However, for most they are huge time wasters.  Why would someone like me, who posts a quote on Twitter almost every day, say something like that?It is because most of us read them, think about the meaning for a few seconds, nod and maybe even save the quote, but then... Continue Reading →

A Blast From the Past: Criminal Minds

A little over a year ago, I posted quotes from the hit TV show Criminal Minds that related to trading. Surprisingly, it's been one of the site's most popular posts. It seems a lot of civilians (aka non-traders) search Criminal Minds quotes on google. Here is the post in it's entirety:One of my favorite shows... Continue Reading →

The Right Side of the Market

"There is only one side to the stock market;....not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side. It took me longer to get that general principle fixed firmly in my mind than it did most of the more technical phases of the game of stock market speculation."--Jesse LivermoreI pulled out this out... Continue Reading →

A Zen Master on Genuine Insight

Followers of the Way, do not be deceived by teachers who everywhere say “I know Zen, I understand the Way,” and who endlessly deliver discussions like mountain torrents. All this is action that produces hellish Karma. If one is a true learner of the Way, one does not search for the faults of the world,... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Additions to Watchlist and Quote of the Day

Watchlist:Here are some new additions to the watchlist with notes:HCR: pb 60 (breakout-pullback setup)JASO: pb 20-21 (b-o setup)WOOF: pb 39CSX: pb 42-42.50 (thanks to Buffet and takeover speculation)MEDI: pb 41-42 (bo-pb)RRD: pb 38.50-39AAPL: hammer confirmation?CCOI: pb 25 (bo-pb)SU: bo 82GROW: multiple entriesCCJ: just watch for now (need deeper pb or bo)Quote of the day:I had... Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan Trading Quotes

As you may have noticed in my "inpirational photos" post, I am a big Michael Jordan fan. Not only was he one of the most talented players to ever grace the hardwood, he also was one of the most hardworking and mentally prepared. Growing up, I watched and listened to everything Jordan related that I... Continue Reading →

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