Watchlist and Lebron James

Here is a list of stocks added to my watchlist. All of these stocks are 3 percent breakouts from Thursday or Friday. I am looking for pullbacks to support. MW: pb 48GGL: pb 21SNCR: pb 24AMTD: pb 19CIEN: pb 32.50JCG: pb 42-43BIDU: pb 130TS: pbCEN: pb 34.50-35VT: pb 39-40FTK: pb 47.50NTGR: pb 36YZC: pb 60DXPE:... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Additions to Watchlist and Quote of the Day

Watchlist:Here are some new additions to the watchlist with notes:HCR: pb 60 (breakout-pullback setup)JASO: pb 20-21 (b-o setup)WOOF: pb 39CSX: pb 42-42.50 (thanks to Buffet and takeover speculation)MEDI: pb 41-42 (bo-pb)RRD: pb 38.50-39AAPL: hammer confirmation?CCOI: pb 25 (bo-pb)SU: bo 82GROW: multiple entriesCCJ: just watch for now (need deeper pb or bo)Quote of the day:I had... Continue Reading →

"Pump Up" Books

{Thursday's Watchlist} Once I find something that I am passionate about, I tend to relentlessly pursue that endeavor. My closest friends and family would say I do so to the point of obsession. While some may see this as a negative, I see it as a positive. It's the only way I know to achieve... Continue Reading →

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