The "Experts" Get it Wrong – Example 1

Complex systems are rarely predictable. For this reason, I focus as much on risk in my trading systems as I do stock picking and setups. In most disciplines that try to predict the future, the so-called experts aren't much better than a novice. This series highlights this point. Example 1:In the 1979 NBA draft, Larry... Continue Reading →

Trades and Thoughts

All of my oversold bounce indicators are now flashing buy signals. However, I do have some concerns and am not taking on any huge positions here. While I have made some trades to the long side to try and capitalize on a bounce, they are all average or small in position size. Why am I... Continue Reading →

Watchlist and Lebron James

Here is a list of stocks added to my watchlist. All of these stocks are 3 percent breakouts from Thursday or Friday. I am looking for pullbacks to support. MW: pb 48GGL: pb 21SNCR: pb 24AMTD: pb 19CIEN: pb 32.50JCG: pb 42-43BIDU: pb 130TS: pbCEN: pb 34.50-35VT: pb 39-40FTK: pb 47.50NTGR: pb 36YZC: pb 60DXPE:... Continue Reading →

Michael Jordan Trading Quotes

As you may have noticed in my "inpirational photos" post, I am a big Michael Jordan fan. Not only was he one of the most talented players to ever grace the hardwood, he also was one of the most hardworking and mentally prepared. Growing up, I watched and listened to everything Jordan related that I... Continue Reading →

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