Trades and Thoughts

All of my oversold bounce indicators are now flashing buy signals. However, I do have some concerns and am not taking on any huge positions here. While I have made some trades to the long side to try and capitalize on a bounce, they are all average or small in position size. Why am I not trusting my usually trustworthy indicators?

The reason is the bounce play hasn’t passed the “gut check” test. Basically, I have not got to the point where I just feel sick to my stomach about the markets. I haven’t sensed any fear yet. In fact, what has caused me fear in my bounce positions is the fact that everybody is expecting a relief bounce.

As I stated earlier today, I made one index play, one ag and one energy play. I also entered TRLG and EWZ yesterday, and both are still above stop levels.

As I stated earlier this week, POT was due for a pullback, and we are now at a good entry position.

SSO (short S$P) is testing lows and is extremely oversold. The fact that we are close to the support/breakdown level provides a low risk entry. I will lose little if I get stopped out, but could make a nice gain.

SWN is still riding above support. This is either a topping formation or a pullback that will continue the trend. If it is a topping formation, I will lose very little.

Off Topic:
I’m a diehard Timberwolves fan and can’t believe Kevin Mchale did not screw up the Wolves pick in tonights draft. I am ecstatic that the they picked OJ Mayo. He is going to be a star, and a perfect compliment to Al Jefferson (who at 23 is already better offensively than KG).

For the first time in years, I actually see hope for the Wolves!


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