The Six Indicators

I am getting a lot of questions about the 6 indicators I use to measure market extremes. Most seem to think I am talking about stochastics, TICK, T2108 and a few others. It’s not that simple.

I’ve created the indicator I mentioned, and 4 of them are combinations of some of the indicators many of you use. I have found them to be more accurate under specific conditions. I won’t release these indicators, but I will let you know when they are giving buy or sell signals.

Off Topic:
In my last post I was giddy that the Wolves drafted Mayo. Well, a few hours later I found out that they traded him for Kevin Love. I’ve been asked what I think of the trade. Let’s just say I won’t be buying season tickets any time soon and think Kevin McHale should be fired.

On the positive side, at least we won’t be subjected to any “Gay Love” jokes. For those that don’t know, Kevin Love was originally picked by Memphis, and would have been teammates with Rudy Gay.


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