Elite Traders Are Not Afraid to Fail

I received an e-mail from a reader who has been gun shy since starting the year off with a couple of bad trades. Here is a post going back to September 2006 that hits this issue head on:I just had an IM chat with a trading buddy. After listening to me whine about my two... Continue Reading →

10 Greatest Quarterbacks Since 1980

As many of you have probably figured out, I am a sports junkie. Today at work we had a lively, bordering on heated, debate over all-time great quarterbacks. I know alot of you are football fans, so I figured I'd post my thoughts. I am ranking the top 10 quarterbacks since 1980, which is when... Continue Reading →

Tuesday and Off Topic Stuff

There isn't much new to report with regards to my strategy going into Tuesday. I plan to try to unload my QID position into strength, and possibly repurchase on weakness, as I did today. You know the saying: keep striking while the coal is hot. Until this strategy ceases to work, I'll keep at it.I... Continue Reading →

Wall Street and Chicago Bears

I like to revisit this clip whenever economic signs point to a market downturn, but Mr. Market keeps on chugging along. This is when da bears really get crushed, and it usually lasts longer than expected, as bears keep on covering their bets. Today's installment has special meaning, as those Chicago Bears are likely to... Continue Reading →

Some Clips

What if a great man of the last century – Gandhi, say – had had access to the communications networks of our age when he made one of his most important speeches?" The result is 'Telecom Italia Gandhi', an astonishing 60-second spot that has just started airing in Italy.

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