Tuesday and Off Topic Stuff

There isn’t much new to report with regards to my strategy going into Tuesday. I plan to try to unload my QID position into strength, and possibly repurchase on weakness, as I did today. You know the saying: keep striking while the coal is hot. Until this strategy ceases to work, I’ll keep at it.

I do think there will be a market bounce, although I can’t predict when it is going to come. Ideally it would have already started, but Mr. Market don’t play that way. It’s taking longer because everybody is looking for it. Once everybody gives up, that’s when the bounce will come.

I can’t wait for the bounce. I plan to twiddle my thumbs until the bounce reaches resistance levels, and then will deploy some more shorts. Till then . . .

Off topics:

It’s too bad UFC is not reported in mainstream sports pages. What Randy Couture did this weekend was nothing short of amazing. At almost 44 years old and coming out of retirement, he won back the heavyweight belt by dominating a man 14 years his junior and who outweighed him by a good sixty pounds.

I was walking on cloud nine after my beloved 49ers signed cornerback Nate Clemons. Ashlie Lelie could be a shrewd pickup as well, if he finally lives up to his unlimted potential.

Heroes might be the best show on television. Tonight’s episode was no exception. The Spiderman 3 preview was great as well. I can go on NBC.com to view 7 more minutes of the movie, but I don’t want to know too much going into the movie.

Is the way “we” perceive the world reality? A fly’s compound eye allows it to detect things we can’t. A dog can hear sounds that don’t exist, as far as we’re concerned. Snakes can “see” heat. Is the world as we see it, or is it just a construct of our perceptions, developed through our evolutionary “needs”? These are the types of questions I find myself asking after reading a collection of essays and biographical infomation on Phillip K. Dick and Richard Dawkins God Delusion.

Yes, I’m keeping up with my New Year resolutions. It’s been tough and enjoyable making time to read a book a week. Next up is Rousseau’s Dog, by David Edmonds, recounting the antagonism that developed between two great philosophers, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume.

I watched Hollywoodland this past weekend, starring Adrien Brody and Ben Affleck. Pretty good, although I wish they would have come to a conclusion about George Reeves death. At any rate, I gave in a 4/5 stars on the netflix rating system.

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