Focus List Stock: AMZN

I currently only have one position (SPY at $84.03). I'm patiently waiting to add positions on a dip to support. One of my favorites is Amazon, which is consolidating after a monster run and breakout. I'm looking to enter on a pullback to the $80-81 range.

A Momentum Stock: EBS

Stocks that fit my trend-pullback setup have been few and far between since the summer months. That's why EBS is like a breathe of fresh air. I'd like to see it pullback a bit more before entry. Notice that RSI 50 and stochastic levels at 20 have provided good entry points.

Kellogg: The New Momentum Play

Kellogg, Campbell Soup and Clorox--the new league of momentum stocks. When these types of stocks are the only bullish trending stocks around, you know it's not a bullish momo traders paradise (it is for bear trend traders).Kellogg looks good on a pullback to support.

Trade Entries: KSS, ARO and LOW

Retail stocks are nearing my entry levels. However, the negative retail report could pull them down further. For this reason, I am taking small position sizes in my retail trades and using tight stops--KSS, ARO and LOW.I bought 150 shares of KSS at $50.44I bought 150 shares of ARO at $34.02I bought 200 shares of... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: CF

I bought 200 shares of CF at $152.86. This is a trend pullback setup. The stock has been a consistent buy on pullbacks. My stop is under the 50 day moving average, with a target at old highs.While I am bearish on commodities in general and see a lot of topping patterns forming, ag related... Continue Reading →

Don’t Overpay for POT

Ag related stocks are finally starting to pullback. Those of us who missed the recent run (I raise my hand in shame) are starting to get itchy trigger fingers. Rest assured, I've got my gun set on safety.Take a look at Potash. Even with the 10 point pullback from all time highs, the stock is... Continue Reading →

BEXP: Late Entry Post

I entered BEXP yesterday at the close as it showed that it would help support. This is a late post, so I won't include it if and when I get around to updating my trading results.

MTL at Support

I still like MTL here. The stock has not broke support and down volume has been lighter than previous up volume. The 50 day moving average has been a good entry point.

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