Trade Notes

Today’s bounce may present a good short entry. I just went short VMW (89.10) as it nears resistance (former support), TOL (21.46), and took small positions in ultrashorts QID (40.85) and SDS (55.56).

On the long side, oil stocks are extremely oversold. I took small long positions in NOV (63.74) and OII (62.50).

Note that all of my plays are with small positions sizes. I will not allow for big losses in this environment.

This post is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Do not use for any other purpose. Do not buy or sell based on what’s in this post or site. Please read to the bottom of this post.


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  1. I agree 100% with your risk-adverse sentiment given the goofy market action this week. Been working the ES futures today and it’s just been bullish nearly straight up (ie, too good to be true) but I keep feeling there’s going to be a huge drop, and that’s kept me out of about 10+ points today, all in the name of ‘capital preservation’.


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