Focus List

Today's Focus List:Long: TSL (bottoming), KSU (38), UCR (31), bke (44), DVN (105), ANR, KEXShorts: MON, BG, MR, SU, KGC, DRYS,

Time to Reload Shorts?

Some beaten sectors have retraced to levels that make for attractive short entries. High on my list is education services.As for individual stocks, my watchlist includes CPLA, APOL, DV, EDU, LTRE and CECO.

The Short Watchlist

Yesterday I gave you the bullish stocks I am watching, and today you get the bears. At the moment I do not have a directional bias, although my gut tells me to be ready for a down move.GLD KDC GG MOS TRA DE BG MON SU SUN STP DRYS TBSI CI BOOM INTU DECK DKS... Continue Reading →

Stocks on the Radar

Here are some bullish plays I am considering:URBN GTLS RAILS SWN ANR SID STEEL EOG ODLF TRUCKING STOCKS OFG RBCN BZP TITN ZUES HOMIES, DVN TUP GILD NFLXKSU is setting up quite nicely. Strong OBV and RSI readings indicate accumution, which is not a surprise since the entire raiload sector is under accumulation.

Friday Watchlist

Here are the stocks on my primary watchlist for Friday:Shorts: STX, RICK, LVS, ESRX, MBT, AXLN, PSYS, DECK, BLKB, INTU, SPYLongs: FLS, EOG, KWK, AXYS, CMED, XOP, PBR, XME, BRMN, APA, MEE

Monday’s Watchlist

Here are stocks that are front and center of my watchlist:Shorts:FCX, CPLA, JNPR, DRYS, DSX, NILE, CBI, MBT, FSLR, CHNR, CVD, ESRX, WFR, DBA, DNR, TOT, SU, E, CVX, ARDLongACI, MA, MCRS, CALM, RTP, ILMN, WLT, MEE, SID, CNX, CMED, PBRMost of the shorts are broken high momentum stocks that are bouncing towards resistance levels.... Continue Reading →

Focus List Stocks and Market Note

I've stated already that I am bullish oil, gas and ag related stocks. Here are some outside these industries that look strong:CMED, JASO, RICK, INP (India ETF), EDU, IVGN, OFG, RSXI am still in bear market mode. Although the market is bouncing, volume has been light and today's follow through was not as strong as... Continue Reading →

Stocks that Should Be on Your Radar

Here are some momo names that should be front and center of your wachlist. I am looking for tradeable entries in:MTL, POT, HDB, LTRE, RICK, CTRP, DE, CPLA, FSLR, VIP, LDK, MCRS, HMSY, MON, MOS, ISRG, AGU, BIDU, MA, GLDN, RIG, MBT, ATW CF. Note the abundance of ag related stocks.

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