Primary Watchlist Additions: BCSI, SNCR, AKS

I’ve added 3 new positions to the primary long watchlist: BCSI, SNCR and AKS.

All three stocks have been strong on a week market and have not violated any supports.

2 thoughts on “Primary Watchlist Additions: BCSI, SNCR, AKS

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  1. I traded AKS some years ago when I first started trading, for a quick 2 week bottom fishing gain. Never thought it will go up like that!Who < HREF="" REL="nofollow">SOLD OUT<> a piece of national treasure <>vital to our survival<>, to Russians, dirt cheap? On paragraph 4.Watch out < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>SWC<><> on monday for earnings release after hour. Crooks knocked down SWC from $16.47 to $8.56 in less than 3 months, for no good reason. Maybe they want to sell the remainder to Russians cheap?Deeply oversold, I expect < HREF="" REL="nofollow">a blowout SWC quarterly earning<>, and from here SWC MUST have a dramatic reversal and a great rally on the good earnings. <>Don’t let go of the opportunity<>!


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