Short Setup: FUQI

I pointed to FUQI as a short when it was around $30. I took the trade, which would have been successful had I used a wider stop. It's now broke down below the 50 day moving average and is showing distribution in the volume pattern. I will short on a pullback to the moving average,... Continue Reading →

The X Short Trade

On Friday I pointed to the X short setup, if X was to pullback to the 50 day moving average. We got that yesterday. As noted to Trade Report members yesterday, I took the short entry, with a stop just above the moving average.This is a variation of the breakdown-pullback short setup.

CPLA Short Setup

CPLA is showing a classic breakdown-pullback setup. The stock broke down below teh 50 day moving average with strong price bears, and now is in the midst of an orderly pullback to resistance.

My Current Postion: AAPL Short

Last week I posted about APPL showing signs of pulling back, but still being a tough read. As Report members know, I decided to short on the once it made a thrust to $170. Overbought conditions, distance from the 50 day moving average and a negative divergence in RSI made it a decent counter trend... Continue Reading →

Is DE (John Deere) a Short Setup?

A Trade Report member sent me an email about DE. Here is the e-mail and my response I think it is great time to short "DE"? RSI, OBV and MACD are all, the Durable good is bad..While the price pattern is not bearish, I agree in that RSI is showing a slight negative divergence... Continue Reading →

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