How I Made 5 Grand in One Week

As mentioned in the comments section yesterday, I unloaded a number of shorts and entered a few longs:I covered 100 shares of FSLR (short at $187.33) at $164.67 for a $2266 (+12.1%).I covered 200 shares of MON at $102.43 (short at $114.27) for a $2454 (+10.7%).I covered 75 shares of GS at 188.06 (short at... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: NVDA

NVDA broke out over a month long trading range yesterday, making new highs on strong volume. Voume patterns suggest accumulation. I used today's weakness for entry.I bought 400 shares at $38.52.

Today’s Trade: AEM

I bought 300 shares of AEM at $46.85. I've been waiting for a pullback to support in gold and it looks like we've finally got one. Stochastics have reached extremely oversold levels and obv has dipped to a support level on low volume.There are a few reasons to be skeptical about this trade. It's always... Continue Reading →

MT Trade

I entered MT this morning, buying 300 shares at $71.48. Stepping back from the trade, it looks like I may have entered a bit early.The last time MT had a similar breakout with a long price bar (early June), price action immediately pulled back to the breakout point before resuming the uptrend. The same thing... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: RIMM and RS

I bought 500 shares of RIMM at $82.71. This is a short term trend-pullback play. My intitial target is the high at $85, with a stop at $81.I covered the RS short, 500 shares at $54.05 (entry at $53.16) for a $445 loss (-1.6%). I am still holding GMRC, SDS and LFC.

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