Trade Update, Watchlist, Sport and Politics

I added two shorts yesterday, AKAM and FCX. I also went long PBR, JASO and AAPL.Here are the stocks I've been keying on from my focus list:Long: PBR, USO, FLSR, CPLA, AAPL, HDB, MBT, RIG, ATK, MA, MON, MOS, AGU, JASO, AAPL, MTL, RSX, VIP, STP, POTShort: DRYS, TBSI, DSX, PHM, HOV, FXI, PCU, FCX,... Continue Reading →

Trade Analysis via Video Webcast

Last night I created a video highlighting a few of my trades (MA, AAPL, GOOG, NOV). I had problems uploading, so the post is a little late. I have already taken profits in the NOV short.'s trades:As noted in yesterday's video, I went into the week with my bear hat on. I don't trust this... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: NVDA

NVDA broke out over a month long trading range yesterday, making new highs on strong volume. Voume patterns suggest accumulation. I used today's weakness for entry.I bought 400 shares at $38.52.

Today’s Trade: AEM

I bought 300 shares of AEM at $46.85. I've been waiting for a pullback to support in gold and it looks like we've finally got one. Stochastics have reached extremely oversold levels and obv has dipped to a support level on low volume.There are a few reasons to be skeptical about this trade. It's always... Continue Reading →

MT Trade

I entered MT this morning, buying 300 shares at $71.48. Stepping back from the trade, it looks like I may have entered a bit early.The last time MT had a similar breakout with a long price bar (early June), price action immediately pulled back to the breakout point before resuming the uptrend. The same thing... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: RIMM and RS

I bought 500 shares of RIMM at $82.71. This is a short term trend-pullback play. My intitial target is the high at $85, with a stop at $81.I covered the RS short, 500 shares at $54.05 (entry at $53.16) for a $445 loss (-1.6%). I am still holding GMRC, SDS and LFC.

Today’s Trade: FLR

I bought 500 shares of FLR at $120.20. The stock has been on my primary watchlist since the July breakout and has been a great trend pullback trade. I recently set an entry of $117-120, and the stocked dipped down to $119 yesterday. However, I decided to take a wait an see approach because of... Continue Reading →

Shorting Momentum Stocks: the GRMN Trade

Those of you familiar with my trading style know I rarely short high flying stocks. While it seems logical to go against a stock that is overextended, this type of trade generally takes on too much risk. Stocks tend to trend longer than they "should" due to market psychology and short squeezes.However, there is one... Continue Reading →

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