"Short Float" Breakout Setup: ILMN

ILMN made a 4 % gain today over established resistance. However, that's not what put it on my watchlist. Stocks in a downtrend do not usually make the cut. What makes this stock special is that it is a low float stock with a high short interest ratio.The stock's float is a little over 5... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Watchlist

GROW: bullish engulfingJSDA: strong at supportSIGM: Short on pullback to gap pointADM: $39.75 breakout earnings playBWLD: $67.50 bo earnings playOII: $48.50 bo earnings playUPL: $58 bo earnings playUA: $51 bo earnings playVLO: pb to moving average

Today’s Trade: AAPL and ADM

I bought 200 shares of AAPL at $100.25. I went over the chart on Friday.ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Co.) reports earnings tomorrow. I will likely place a buystop at $39.75-40.10, depending on how the stock looks at the close today. If the stock clears this level (which is an intermediate term high and about a... Continue Reading →

Breakout Chart: XOM

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) broke out to new highs on above average volume. A low volume pullback to the prior highs, just under $79, would normally provide a good entry point.While the breakout is bullish, there are some concerns for this stock. Notice the negative divergences in both RSI and stochastics. One would expect new... Continue Reading →

Breakout-Pullback Charts: BA and AMZN

BA and AMZN look to be setting up for breakout-pullback plays. Here is a quick summary of what I like to see on the breakout:Price breaks out over established resistance on above average volume Stock closes near the high of the day, printing a long range bar Evidence of accumulation prior to breakout RSI is... Continue Reading →

Deja Vu

EWO, an Austrian ETF, is looking eerily similar to the way it looked at this time last year.The stock had broke out of a base in late '05, pulled back to the breakout point, and made a move in early '06 that measured 6 points from breakout. A negative RSI divergence formed and the stock... Continue Reading →

Potential Breakout-Pullback Candidate

JAH (Jarden Corp.) has most of the characteristics I look for in a breakout-pullback stock:Price breaks out over established resistance on above average volumeStock closes near the high of the day, printing a long range barEvidence of accumulation prior to breakoutRSI is at a higher level than when at previous highStochastics printing higher lows previous... Continue Reading →

Trade Review: HOC

Before posting my review of the HOC trade, I'd like to answer a question posed to me after the latest "today's trades" post. The question:You seem to hold on to positions for only a few days even though it may seem as though the position could move higher. why is that?The person who asked this... Continue Reading →

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