While I am by no means bullish on AAPL, a break of $180 would provide a clue as to the stock's short term price movement.

Playing the Breakout Trading Range: IPHS

IPHS broke out in early August and is now developing a trading range between the breakout highs and lows. This has created a low risk set up. I would like to buy on a pullback to the $33-35 range with a target of $40 and a stop around $31-32.Overall, the stock shows a nice volume... Continue Reading →

SPY Trade Analysis

Last Monday (August 12th) I took a small SPY short position based on a "failed breakout" scenario, above $131 (I actually used SDS--the inverse ETF). It's now trading at $126.69. Below is what I wrote to my trade report members. It explains not only the setup, but the thought process and trade management strategy that... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: VISN

I bought 400 shares of VISN at $18.38.This stock was highlighted in today's trade report, with a buypoint in the $18-19 range.The Setup: Breakout pullback . Volume pattern is solid. Stock is pulling back from recent highs and seems to be showing strength at moving average support. The pullback has been somewhat volatile. However, strong... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: SAFM

I took a small 1/4 size pilot position in SAFM today, buying 100 shares at $43.29. This stock was highlighted in the trade report, with a buypoint in the $42-34 range.The Setup: Breakout pullback following a strong bottoming formation. Volume pattern is solid. Stock is pulling back at recent highs. I expect a pullback to... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: UTHR

Entered long 100 shares of UTHR at $108.29.Setup: Breakout-Pullback. The stock pulled back to the bottom of the breakout bar before confirming support today. The recent trend is higher highs and lower lows. Buying pullbacks has been lucrative. Nice volume pattern.Risk: My stop is under the tail of today's candle, at $105. the intial target... Continue Reading →

A Blast From the Past

I like the breakout-pullback setup in FFIV, one of my favorite momo stocks from what now seems like ages ago. Stock broke out over resistance, there's a nice volume pattern and money seems to rotating into select tech stocks. The fact that the recent breakout was not on heavier volume leads me to believe there... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: POT

In last night's Trade Report, I highlighted commodities as an oversold bounce setup. I used POT as my primary example and entered today based on last night's analysis.I bought 300 shares of POT at the open at $176.31.Setup: Oversold bounce setup, within a longer term topping pattern. Stochastics are oversold and the stock bounced off... Continue Reading →

Trade Update: JRCC

I took a small short position today in JRCC. The stock has been in a strong topping downtrend and has pulled back up to the 50 day MA. Stochastics are near overbought levels and volume has been average on the pullback. This is a low risk entry with stop placed just above the 50 day... Continue Reading →

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