Trade Update: SSO, DUG and POT

I was stopped out of 100 shares of POT at $105.18 (short at $125.10) for a loss of $1992 (-18%)

I exited DUG at $43.85 (average entry at 36.44). I originally entered with a total of 300 shares. My exits were at $40.12, $42.05 and $43.85, 100 shares each for a $1670 gain (+15%).

Two big swings adding up for a very small loss (-322).

I added 100 shares to my SSO position at $45.96. This position is based on the divergences showing up in the chart. Due to a the House bailout vote and jobs report, I have taken a very small position. Normally when I see this type of divergence I use my normal position size, but not in this market. Note that the POT trade was showing a positive divergence before tanking.


One thought on “Trade Update: SSO, DUG and POT

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  1. hey man great site. On pot and the sto, a little hard earned advise: wait for it to go above 20 with a tight stop. Also I would use the slow sto to prevent premature entryBest to you and keep doing this!!!


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