Quick Trading Notes

I covered some of my shorts today, though I am still holding the GS short.

I was stopped out of BIDU. Still holding MON.

I made two trades today. I bought SWN, an independent oil stock that I like quite a bit. I also initiated two shorts, AAPL and FSLR. These are quick momentum shorts based on broken trend lines, which make them low risk, high reward. If the broken trends are short lived (which I suspect, especially with AAPL), I will have small, insignificant losses. If there is a sustained downtrend, I could make big profits.

I hope to have details on the trades posted this weekend.


One thought on “Quick Trading Notes

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  1. Paul,Take a look at BRS, popular industry right now. And MBT looks good too. (Pullbacks after breakouts on big volume, and up days mostly with bigger volume, which shows strengh especially in falling market).Big respect to You.I like your idea to be not just good trader, but outstanding unique extra profitable trader. To be above average profitable traders, who just beats S&P500 by xx points on yearly basis.


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