Sunday Private Chat Sessions

As more people discover my site, my e-mail traffic continues to grow at a blistering rate (which I enjoy). I receive many requests for personal mentoring and specific stock analysis. While I’ve tried to accommodate all of them, it’s getting unmanageable.

My solution is to offer private educational chat sessions. This is going to take out from my personal time, so I am going to charge a small fee. This Sunday, I will be available to chat on any topic that pertains to my trading style. You can ask me questions about my trading strategy, trades I have made, specific stock analysis, your portfolio, market outlook, my watchlist, trading psychology, time management or any other pertinent questions. I strive hard on this free site to provide excellent content, so you can be sure that I will go above the call of duty when a fee is involved.

Fee Breakdown:
10 minutes: $10
30 minutes: $20

You will need to download google talk, which takes less than 5 minutes to download and install. I will take payment via paypal. More details provided via email.

E-mail me at to schedule a Sunday chat. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, and times that work best for you. I plan to do 5-10 chats.

{Note: While I am planning some fee based services for 2008, nothing will change on this site. I will continue to provide the same level of content as I always have}


4 thoughts on “Sunday Private Chat Sessions

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  1. not sure you are charging enough for your skill level. a shrink charges double with no measurable results. take a gander at,anon


  2. I join other comments, you are way to cheap. Think how much money other specialists charge for their time (doctors, dentists, shrinks, high level personal trainers, life coaches).Also the more you charge, the more seriously will people take you and the advice you give them. This will have a positive feedback effect and soon you could be off to $400/hr or starting up your own fund (managing other people’s money).


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