At the end of this post, there is a note that I want all of my readers to view.

Yesterday, I was stopped out of 300 shares of AAPL at $179.85 (entry at $185.09) for a $1572 loss (-2.9%).

Yesterday, my trailing stop on RIMM was hit at $125 (entry at $118.91) for a $2436 gain (+5.1%).

I sold 300 shares of CTRP at $60.44 (entry at $55.08) for a $1608 gain (+9.4%).

On Monday I bought 300 shares of MEE at $30.10. It is currently just under $32. This is an earnings breakout-pullback play.

On Monday, I bought 400 shares of NOV at $72.60 and was stopped out today at $71.50 for a $440 loss (-1.5%). I had bought at 50 day moving average support and sold on failure.

On Tuesday I bought 300 shares of RIG at $126.10. It is currently trading at $127.90. This is a breakout play.

On Wednesday, I bought 300 shares of BPHX at $19.88. I was stopped out yesterday at $18.75 for a $339 loss (-5.6%). This was a breakout-pullback play and I was stopped out just below the breakout point.

On Tuesday I bought 300 shares of DCO at $38.10. It is currently trading at $39.24. This is a breakout-pullback play in a strong sector (aerospace-defense).

I bought 200 shares of DE at $156.22. It is currently trading at $154.20. This was a breakout play in a strong sector (ag).

I went short 300 shares of TBSI at $55.26 on Tuesday’s breakdown. I covered yesterday, when it hit my target at $50, for a $1578 gain (+9.5%). I may short this one again.

I went short 300 shares of LEH at $59.73 Monday on the 50 day MA failure. I am still holding at $57.59. This one kills me because I decided not to cover at my target yesterday when it hit $53.50.

Yesterday, I bought 300 shares of QID (2 X short Naz) at $38.45, which was the breakout of the 50 day moving average. QID is currently at $39.73.

I’ll have analysis later today or over the weekend.

Quick note on my trades: I am considering no longer posting trades and only posting market analysis, trading strategies and watchlists. Over the past few days I’ve received a number of e-mails and two comments with complaints about the fact that I had not posted my trades this week. I work full-time, trade, have a family, am a sports nut, read a book/week and have numerous hobbies and interests. I can’t always post trades same-day, although somehow I do manage to post most of them in timely fashion.

Some attack the validity of my postings, which doesn’t concern me. If you choose not to believe the trades that I don’t post same day, I could care less. Nobody is hurt.

What does concern me is the readers who wait to see what I trade, when I enter and when I exit. They are trading based on my trades. If that is what you are doing, I want you to stop reading this blog, stop trading, and start from ground zero with your trading education. You should only trade if you have a solid background in your trading methods and can formulate your own opinions.

I post my trades as a tool for learning and as a measure of my methods. With careful analysis of my winning and losing trades, over time both you and I can become better traders. Please do not use my trades for any other purpose.


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  1. keep on posting, but at your leisure. i don’t have the funds to trade like you do, but i do appreciate the insight you provide. just ignore the whiners who can’t deal with the lack of up-to-date details immediately following your transactions


  2. I hope you continue to post your trades Paul. Since I started reading your blog a few months ago, I have learned a lot and in some cases, I have adopted some of your methodologies. You are one of the most skillful and disciplined trader I’ve ever come across in the blogosphere. I really appreciate the time and effort you are putting in this blog and thanks so much for sharing.I know enough not to mimic your trades since I have a different capitalization, risk tolerance, etc. Just ignore those ungrateful SOBs who do not want to put in their own effort and do their own due diligence. If they lose their shirts following your trades, they very much deserve it. More power on your trading.-EC


  3. C’mon MS, I thought you’d be used to the attacks by now. Every time there is volatility, losers come out of the woodworks and look for reasons to justify them being on the wrong side of the trade. Rest assured, eventually they lose all their money and will stop trading and reading blogs. For true, disciplined traders with their own trading style, the game will outlive these losers. Do what is most comfortable for you. Personally, I value your trade insights and the time that you put in to maintaining the blog. -TVH


  4. MS, The vast majority of people who read your blog tune in for some education and to see how others trade. I always check you out but have not copied one trade. Your pull-back style is good reminder how to be patient and wait for a stock to come to you or pass on the trade.Timing is not important, if it late by hours or days so be it, but i do like to see what other traders are doing and how they make money.Good luck to you, post when you can.


  5. I appreciate any insight you can provide. Keep posting trades! At school, a professor who lectures day in and day out, with no participation, examples, or illustrations of concept quickly loses the class’ interest. You posting your trades, whether 2 minutes or 2 weeks after the fact, provides the realism & benchmarks that make this blog great.


  6. Don’t let a few guys get you down!You are unique-don’t change a thing.I suggest you email Kirk who has many of the same eductional/sharing goals. He posts all of his trades and he may have some insight as to what is best for you.Most important, what do you think the odds are your boys-the Pats- will go 19-0?


  7. I enjoy readying your blog and would appreciate if you continue posting your trades. I certainly don’t mimic your moves(too risky for me!) but I like to see what stocks and sectors are on your radar. Keep up the good work


  8. you can not please everyone, just ignore the unpleasables. pls. keep posting for the ones who care to read. Happy posting!!!!!


  9. Hey MS: It is a shame when people do not realize that this can be a zero sum game if they do not develop the discipline or think they are better than the market. I understand your frustration, but the good thing is that all email filters come with autodelete features and I hope you use them. We would understand if you stop posting, but really the amount of insight and discipline would be lost to us novices if you do so. I hope you consider that in your decision.Best, Raj


  10. i can understand your frustration, but its not worth your time.the people who copy your trades will come out on the losing side anyway.personally, i dont need to see when you enter or exit a stock. i would much rather like to see when and why you add a stock to your watchlist, but also when and why you DROP a stock from your lists.knowing when to purge a stock from my lists is one of my biggest issues.your insights on that would be invaluable.keep up the good work.Thomas, Denmark


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