Hectic Week

Sorry for the lack of posts, guys and gals. I’ve had a hectic week. Either later today, or early tomorrow, I’ll have a details on all my trades and market thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Hectic Week

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  1. You owe it to your following to publish your trades more quickly, I,m sure alot of people followed you in on trades , and you left them hanging,,,


  2. anon,It’s his blog and he can do whatever he wishes. He’s not pointing a gun at his followers to play the same game. Only a fool would base his trades on some random blogger’s analyses and not his own anyway.-G


  3. Anonymous 1: I’m not concerned with the “validity” of the trades I publish on this blog. This blog is not my first priority and there is not way I can post all my trades same day (I do post most same day). Anonymous 2: Sorry, but I don’t owe you a thing. You might want to take the approach of *appreciating* the free content and the amount of time I put into the site. Anyway, that’s the way I feel about blogs that I read. G: I agree with you completely. If a trader is basing his trades on what I’m doing, he or she should quite trading *right now*.


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