Five Explosive Breakouts

Here are five explosive breakouts that I will be watching very closely:


7 thoughts on “Five Explosive Breakouts

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  1. Watching the stocks for shorting opportunities or sustainability? Are you applying candlestick analysis to their breakouts?


  2. You are the best trader I have witnessed on the internet , I have to read your blog everyday, I,m still new to this game and i have corresponded with you before, I followed you into rimm, say, and vmw, made almost 2 pts with say , 2pts with vmw , I sold right before she took off yesterday, but i banked 2 pts, still holding rimm , and I bought some msft today when mm was shakin out some stops at 35.62, msft is holding the earnings gap and I think she goes up , If your holding vmw still, congrats, and your trade of the year so far on isrg was awesome , your intuition and timing are incredible to say the least , and you do it while you are working a day job, just had to drop a line to say thanks PAUL, MARK


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