How I Profited From the Biggest Gap Ever in SPY

Today was the biggest gap up ever for the SPY. Here are links to the past two Trade Reports, where you can see how I outlined my plan for trading SPY:

September 18 Report

September 19 Report

Trade Update: I exited all my long positions at the open this morning for nice profits (SPY (SSO), USO, KSS and TOL). I re-entered SSO a few minutes ago at $56.79 (300 shares). SSO hit the exit point I mentioned last night at the open, providing what is likely the best two day trade (percentage gain of trade, not dollar amount since I had only an average size position) I have ever made.

Update 2: I received an e-mail asking why I am not trading more today. Two reasons:

1. We are in uncharted territory.
2. This is likely a huge short covering rally based on the lunacy of our government. I would not be surprised to see the market crater next week.

More info on subscibing to the Trade Report.


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