Position Update

My retail positions are holding up quite nicely (KSS, ARO and LOW). KSS and ARO are still above entries, and LOW has not hit it’s stop. I still plan to hold these until my stop or target is hit.

I’ve decided to hold onto USD and lower my stop. It is a bit of a risk, but with the small position size a loss would still be insignificant.

As planned, I made no trades today.


One thought on “Position Update

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  1. How do you make the decision to not honor your stop on USD? You mentioned a stop of the days lows yesterday (around $33). It never went below $33 yesterday but gapped down today. Why would you not let the stop work and instead choose to let USD drop all the way to around $31? Obviously USD came back some today but just wondering how you make the decision between taking the stop-loss or taking more risk on a trade. Thanks.


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