RBN Exit

I exited my position in RBN at $51.50 (entry on Friday at $47.46) for a $1010 gain (+9.2%).

I would have liked to see a pullback to the breakout point in order to build my position, but I’m not going to complain too much with a 9 percent one day gain. I will look to re-enter on a pullback.

Trading Report
If you haven’t already, take a peek at the first issue of the my new Trading Report. I’ll have another one available before the market open tomorrow morning.


One thought on “RBN Exit

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  1. Paul, another nice trade, i must admit , you are one of the best traders on the internet i have witnessed, wish i lived in minesota(i think your from there )i would pay you to watch you in action!!! not as good as your august cleanup though !!! anyways , would you consider a pullback to support at the 50 range or back to 48 on lighter volume? thanks , mark


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