Quickie Trade Update

I used the bounce in commodities this morning to get short coal, natural gas and steel stocks. I also exited my long ag play (MON), which I did not have time to update yesterday. I was using extreme, overextended weakness to play a quick bounce. I am still long the SPY, via SSO. I’ll have an update for you later today.


3 thoughts on “Quickie Trade Update

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  1. Market Speculator,Did you short any coal or steel stocks like X, PCX,BTU, ANR, SCHN?If so when do you plan on covering?What’s your stop loss? Thank you.


  2. Last month I began shorting YZC. Today on the short squeeze rally, I tried shorting more, but my platform said it had to look for shares to borrow and wasn’t able to fill the order. I know if you can’t borrow them; you can’t short them. But how is it I can short them some days and not others? Thanks. Steve


  3. do you update anymore? i,m still waiting for updates on solf from couple weeks ago. also where is your tight stop on sso? you should have stopped out of both of these trades before the waterfalls.get back to your updates alittle quicker.


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