My Daily Prep Notes

Here are my daily prep notes, copied directly from my prep journal:

Today’s big move could have been just a post fed reaction or the start of a leg up. Commodities that have been leaders were crushed today, although many closed nicely with long tails and still are just above support. Could be a sector rotation, as tech, financials, homebuilders and consumer/retail did very well. Look at ETFs for opportunites.

Expect a pullback, as market still overbought.

List of ETFs for sectors possibly seeing rotation: UYG USD ROM QLD URE SSO UWM.

Brazil is on fire, China rebounding.

A day like today is a good day to catch bounces in short setups off of breakdowns: MDP, BDC, DST, DFG,MNST IGT HMSY MBT.

DAR has nice breakout-pullbac setup.


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