Quick Trade Entry Update: FSLR, MON, GS, DNR, PAAS, PRXL

I am using the bounce over the past two days to start a few more pilot short positions. I went short FSLR ($187.33), MON (114.27, GS (202.55) and DNR (26.01).

I am long PAAS (35.86) and PRXL (54.80).


4 thoughts on “Quick Trade Entry Update: FSLR, MON, GS, DNR, PAAS, PRXL

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  1. looks like most of your lucky gains are gone. prepare to not do as well this year becuase of this mistake, the markets will be more complex this year then last and this year will be your true test.


  2. Don’t you love it. The haters coming out of the woodworks whenever they see a few successful trades that go counter to their own opinions. Anyways, just wanted to say “nice call” on the GS short. I had it pegged as a breakout above 200, which it did on Friday, before rolling over with the market on Monday. Hope you’re still holding it.


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