Today’s Trades: MICC, ISRG and SGR

I bought 300 shares of MICC at $100.63. The stock broke out over resistance on heavy volume after their earnings release. I bought today’s pullback to the breakout point.

I sold the remaing 150 shares of ISRG at an average price of $310.15 (entry at $276.44, sold first 150 shares at $278) for a $5,056 gain (+12.1%). This one’s my trade of the year.

I sold 300 shares of SGR at $72.04 (entry at $68) for a $1212 gain (+5.6%). I still like this one as a post earnings breakout play. I decided to exit because of the “Cramer pop.” Cramer featured the stock on his show “Mad Money” last night. I suspect the stock will come back in a little in the coming days.

MICC Chart:


One thought on “Today’s Trades: MICC, ISRG and SGR

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  1. Nice job on most of your trades , esp., ISRG, can you imagine the returns if you used options, Your accuracy is very good , enjoy your blog, Thanks for all your hard work on this blog , i read you daily , and more than once, , oF ALL THE BLOG SITES , I would say , you seem to be the most consistant of all the traders, enjoyed yo the week of aug carnage when you took in 10 k, you should be ready to give up your day job soon , good luck and i should say , great trading intuition, are you looking for a student, just call me grasshopper , thanks for all that you do , mark at


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