Today’s Trades: DXPE, STLD and LFC

I bought 500 shares of LFC at $50.09. This is purely a breakout play. I am not waiting for the pullback. My intital target is the late 2006 high at $56.

I bought 500 shares of DXPE at $$47.40. This is a breakout-pullback play. My initial target is the recent high at $52.50, and a stop will be placed at $44.90.

I bought 300 shares of STLD at $47.70. It looks like a high, tight flag is forming off of the recent breakout.

While all three involve different variations of breakout setups (breakout with high and tight flag, breakout-pullback and pure breakout), a common theme is that they have all been trending higher and under heavy accumulation.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Trades: DXPE, STLD and LFC

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  1. HiI am reading your blog regularly and trying to learn as much as possible from your trading. Can you please explain little bit more about your entry on the pullback? In general I understand the tactics but I do not understand how you time the entry precisely. For example in your last pullback trade DXPE why you enter today and not, for example, yesterday or day before? I am more interested in general than in that particular trade.And just from curiosity: since you start the new blog I estimate that you are around 70-90% up in your portfolio? Is my estimation correct?


  2. To be honest, I’m not that precise in my entries. If I’m swing trading for a $3-5 gain, I am not going to quibble over 50 cents. I could very well have entered DXPE on Friday, I was jut focused on other sectors that day. Technically, the stock hasn’t changed since Friday.I hope to have my trading results posted in the coming weeks, with detailed stats. It’s been a good year, knock on wood . . .


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