Today’s Trade: MON

I took a small short position in MON today, shorting 150 shares at $108.53. As noted in my previous posts, distribution has taken over ag related sectors and MON is taking the lead in this phase. I have yet to see a strong price move coupled with strong volume, which leads me to believe yesterday's... Continue Reading →

Short Float Breakout Watchlist w/ Video Webcast

In today's video, I go over the Short Float Breakout Watchlist. Elements that make up the setup include:A. Short Interest HighB. Float LowC. BreakoutD. Over ResistanceOn the Watchlist for Monday: CHFC, NILE, BAMM, ULTI, ZOLT and LIFC

"Short Float" Breakout Setup: ILMN

ILMN made a 4 % gain today over established resistance. However, that's not what put it on my watchlist. Stocks in a downtrend do not usually make the cut. What makes this stock special is that it is a low float stock with a high short interest ratio.The stock's float is a little over 5... Continue Reading →

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