Coronavirus: The Game Plan For Trading This Historic Bear Market

How do you handle a once in a lifetime pandemic?

My philosophy is to never panic, always plan and over prepare to ready myself for every conceivable potential outcome.

The idea here is to work hard to prosper if the worst happens.

While it make seem like overkill for something that might be for naught, it only take one time and you are screwed.

As traders, we have to study history. Just a real estate agent is looking for “comps” to compare her current listing for the best profit, a trader is looking for comps to compare the current trading environment.

We do this by analyzing patterns in past bear markets and understanding all the likely outcomes.

I know, it’s a lot of work.

The good news for you is I’ve front loaded the work for you.

Not only have I traded through three treacherous bear markets, I have spent countless hours studying past bear markets going back to the “tulip craze” of the 1600s.

The treacherous nature of the current coronavirus bear market has seen many retirement accounts cut in half and legendary traders like Ray Dalio consider shutting down their hedge funds after huge losses. Because of the dire consequences of this market if you don’t understand how to trade it, I am making a member only webinar open to all of you.

The strategy outlined in this discussion has benefited my students at bullsonwallstreet and those that I personally mentor greatly.


It is that important.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. How to master the psychological game, which is so crucial in volatile bear markets.
  2. The three setups we trade in bear markets, and the exact conditions to trade each one.
  3. Master list of bear market stocks.
  4. Coronavirus watchlist of stocks setup to thrive in the current environment.
  5. Study of historic bear markets and the lessons learned to apply today.

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