What is Your Best Trade of the First Half of 2014?

With 6 months in the books, I would like to know what your best trade was during this amazing first half of the year.  Tell me the stock, your stats, why you entered and exited the trade.  You can leave it in the comments or email me.

The best explanation gets five chart requests annotated by me in July!

One thought on “What is Your Best Trade of the First Half of 2014?

Add yours

  1. My best trade for the first half was shorting $EBIX on 06/19.

    Reasons for initiating the short.
    1. Stock tanked from $14.80 to $12.5 second day of June on heavy volume.
    2. From there, it began grinding higher on lower volume than the tank day and reached
    all the way up to $14.80 on June 19th. Stochastics also indicated over-bought condition.
    3. On June 19th, stock made another parabolic run early in the trading and seems to saturate
    at 14.80 and began making lower highs after that. Entered the stock at that point and scaled
    out in thirds for a healthy profit.


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