The Minimalist Swing Trading Setup

I often get asked about my setup for swing trading.  I wish I had an extravagant answer.  I love looking at pictures of trader setups that show 6 stacked monitors feeding every bit of data a person could ever want, but I follow a minimalist approach to trading.

My stock trading setup:

1.  One 27 inch “all in one” computer.

This is a good mix of portability and power.  I prefer not looking at a small screen all day, so I traded in my laptop for a bigger screen that still provides portability.  The screen has a high resolution so I can split it when needing two sites up at the same time without having to tab back and forth.  For instance, when I want my focus list and charts up from TC2000 and my broker in view at the same time.

2.  One iPad

I recently added this to the setup only for blogging and the Trade Report.  Here I view member emails and social media like twitter.  I like to keep this separate from trading.  I also use it to read when I have down time.

That’s it.  It is simple yet has everything I need to trade effectively.  The best part is it keeps me from information overload, which can be a nightmare for swing traders.

What is your stock trading setup?  I want you to share in the comments below.  

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  1. Just a PC with dual monitors – I have TOS with 5 Minute on one and Daily on the bottom of the 5 Minute. Then I have second screen with my Trading App software available


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