Here is an update of today’s trades. I hope to have charts posted tonight.

I covered half my short position (200 shares) in JRCC at $37.40 (short at $44.10) for a $1340 gain (+15%). I still have a 200 share short position. My stop is moved up to entry.

I am still holding my UAUA and CAL positions.

I bought a few stocks on my weekly focus list (which was distributed last night to subscribers):

200 shares LVS at $43.14

100 shares AUXL at $70.41

100 shares of SMG at $22.46.

200 shares of CRY at $13.21.

100 shares of SSO at $58.54.

Note the very small position sizes. I am not making any big bets here, and any losses on these will be small.

I also went short POT on the early morning pullback the opening highs, buying 100 shares at $194.68. I closed out half the position at $187.40, which was near the three day low. I am still hodling 50 shares.


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