Why Do You Like DUG

Here is an e-mail I received today:

Why do you like DUG so much? It looks to me like you are trying to pick a top in oils, just like you are trying to pick a bottom in SSO. Don’t fight the trend man. SSO is going lower and DUG is too.

Before I get to the DUG trade, let me reiterate that I am not picking a bottom in the S&P 500. I am only playing for a bounce while using tightly monitored risk management. If I’m wrong, I’ll lose a little and move on. If I’m right, I’ll make a nice chunk of change.

Here’s why I like DUG:

1. Nice looking bottoming pattern.
2. RSI breaking out.
3. Excellent volume pattern during the bottoming formation.
4. Good reward to risk ratio.


3 thoughts on “Why Do You Like DUG

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  1. I would like to ask what carmichael asked, how do you calculate risk/reward and what do you consider good? Can you recommend any good reading material on this subject?


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