Trade Update

I covered 50 shares of AAPL at $169.84 (entry at 177.68) for a $392 gain (+3.7%). I am still holding 50 shares short. As noted in the entry post, $170 was my first target and my next is in the $155-160 range. I will move my stop on the remaining shares to the entry price, thus locking in my current profit.

I had reservations about the trade with Mac World today, but decided to stick with my stop and target levels.

I exited 200 shares of MON today at $126.10 (entry at $115.23)for a $2174 gain (+9.3%). I still like ag stocks, but decided to place a trailing stop after yesterday’s gains.

I exited 300 shares of KGC at $22.95 (entry at $21.03) for a $576 gain (+9.1%). Another trailing stop that was hit. As with MON, I still like the sector, but feel I need to take gains.

I covered 200 shares of the DRYS short position at $55.42 (short at $69.70) for a $2856 gain (+20.45%).

I covered 300 shares of the LEH short position at $55.86 (entry at 58.64) for a $834 gain (+4.7%).

On Friday I was stopped out of 200 shares of RICK at $23.90 (entry at $24.90) for a $200 loss (-4.1%). The stock bounced today off the 50 day moving average, but doesn’t look as good as it did last week.

This covers entries going back to last Tuesday, January 8th. I still need to update my exits from January 1-7. I am currently holding GS short, SWN, TRA and GG.


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  1. What broker are you using? I tried shorting several shippers the other day but my broker (E-trade) did not have any shares available for shorting.Thanks as always for the work you do on this blog.EC


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