Quickie Trade Update

I’m in a hurry, thus the quickie trade update. I’ll go into more detail in my next post.

I exited NOV for a nice gain.

I exited my index and gold plays, DDS, NEM, DBA and SSO for small to moderate gains.

I exited GMCR for a loss.

I took new positions in BCSI, SII, UA, SRS (short real estate), GS (short) and LEH (short).

I am looking to buy some momentum favorites on weakness, including AAPL, RIMM, GRMN, FLR, NOV, OII, FWLT, DRYS and CROX.


4 thoughts on “Quickie Trade Update

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  1. I guess my role here is to find and point out areas of disagreement with your trades. Hopefully, I can do this in a way that benefits all.I am surprised you picked CROX as one of the stocks you would go long. To me this one fits the profile of a momentum flyer that has slowly but surely lost its mojo.– It recently hit a new high on lower volume and then reversed in the same session.– Most of the recent advances are on tepid volume. – Had a drop on pretty high volume last week. – Indicators are a mess (MACD, RSI, you name it)– Yesterday, it was unable to participate in the overall market rally.To me, this one is ripe for shorting and shorting big, especially on a move below 56. Let’s see what happens.The Critic


  2. staying on CROX, what are you looking for in terms of taking a position?a breakout to new all time highs on high volume?current all time high is 61.99.what do you make of PENX by the way? chart is nice, been in a while, but making new highs now but w/o volume or catalyst


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