Trade Results: March 2009

I am making an effor to get caught up on my trade results. The last results post was from February 17-March 16. To get back on a regular monthly schedule, this post completed March 2009.March 17-31Total Profit= $1921Total Wins= $2776Total Losses= $855Total Trades= 6Total Wins= 4Total Losses= 2Win Rate= 66%Average Win= $480Average Loss= $427Total Profit... Continue Reading →

Trade Results for February and March 2009

Back on February 17, I told my subscribers that I would do a better job of tracking my trades. Here are the results from February 17-March 16. All trades were noted in the Trade Report, and some were also mentinoed here. Note that I do not take commission into account in these results.Total Profit =... Continue Reading →

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