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I could not have imagined the QLD trade working better than it has. I took partial profits at $72.88 today (entered at $67.88, as noted in the free trial of the Trade Report) for a $1250 gain (+7.3%). I've moved my stop on the remaining position up to my entry point, and have had thoughts... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: TRA

I bought 500 shares of TRA at $53.12.Setup: A combo platter of a breakout and trend-pullback and entering within a forming high and tight flag. I expect a continuation of the trend. Great volume pattern and RSI and stochastics confirm price highs. The stock is under accumulated here.Risk: My intial target is the recent high... Continue Reading →

Trade Portfolio Charts: GTLS and DZZ

GTLS is an earnings breakout play that has shown accumultion as it consolidates the breakout move. A key day was early last weak when it confirmed the hammer the stock printed at the breakout point. The RSI and OBV trends are positive and the volume pattern has favored up days. My target is the recent... Continue Reading →

Homebuilders are Hard to Ignore

It's tough to ignore the strong move in residential construction, aka, homebuilders. While my head tells me to stay away, the charts tell me otherwise. For months I have been using bounces in the sector to reload shorts, but not this time. There is something different about this bounce. Take a look at the chart... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Today’s Trade: WMS

I bought 400 shares of WMS at $39.05, based on my breakout-pullback trading setup. The stock broke on strong volume earlier this month, while pulling back on diminishing volume. Today's confirmation candle at two tiered support (20 day moving average and price) provide the entry signal. Also note that OBV is in a strong uptrend... Continue Reading →

Earnings Breakout Chart: EDU

EDU broke out from a cup and handle formation and is currently digesting gains. Notice the positive volume trend, which signals that big players are accumulating the stock. I am looking for a breakout-pullback play, and will look to enter on a pullback to the $70-72 range.

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