Weekend Big Picture Review: Earnings Breakouts and a Missed Opportunity


Every weekend I go “macro” and review the past trading week. I analyze my own trades, review went on in the market and what I expect heading into the new week. I do this before zoning in on a more in-depth sector analysis, scanning and watchlist building approach.

This big picture habit helps keep the market in proper perspective, and keeps me learning without actively trying.

I accomplish this big picture learning by using the “good, bad and key takeaways” approach, making sure not to shy away from what went wrong or opportunities missed. We learn from our mistakes and are less likely to repeat them once they are identified and discussed.

In this week’s big picture review, I discuss the following:

  1. Winning trades
  2. Earnings breakouts
  3. Missed opportunity in biotech
  4. A missed short opportunity
  5. New entries in UA and X
  6. Gap Down Setups
  7. Day trading
  8. Precision entries and how to avoid them
  9. Key sectors going into the new week.

As you can see, I went over a lot. All from my fortress of solitude, Sunset Cliffs. Along with watching me almost fall heading toward the edge of the cliffs, you’ll witness my fear of large groups of birds that started when I read Hitchock as a child.


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