Big Picture Weekly Trading Reflections



The old me was living this quote (watch weekend reflections); a fledgling trader blindly jumping from trade to trade and doing a ton of research, but never truly learning anything.

Then ten years ago I started doing a simple weekly “big picture review” that focused on reflection and key takeaways from my trading.

This helped me immensely and now I am sharing them every week with you.

In Big Picture Reflections: Periscope 3, I discuss my aggressive energy entries, how I handled Thursday’s ugly drawdown, along with key takeaways to put into practice this week.

While you’re at it watch the first two Periscopes as well. Although this week’s was from my office, I normally do them in a place where I can be reflective, like the beach (Sunset Cliffs in San Diego is my favorite spot) or in the middle of a hike.

Periscope 1 from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego (recorded at the edge of a cliff on the Pacific Ocean)
Periscope 2 from La Jolla-Scipps Institute of Oceanography (La Jolla Pier nearby)

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